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Our cost effective solution is extremely easy to use.

No techies are required to implement or manage BlueCloud. Designed by industry experts, our all-in-one contact center solution is the best option for you.

BlueCloud is a true cloud solution running Amazon AWS and gives you access to a global network of server locations with the strictest standards for privacy and security. Enjoy crystal clear calls to any location and fast performance for all your team members.

I now set up campaigns for new clients in a matter of minutes. They can't believe we are ready to start the same day.


Crystal clear calls


No equipment


contact centre solution

BlueCloud includes all the features you expect from an enterprise-grade platform, such as call recording, IVR, inbound/outbound/blended operations, omni-channel messaging, chat, analytics etc. However, we are confident you have never seen anything quite so simple to configure, which also adapts perfectly to the different needs of your campaigns.

Manage your entire operation from anywhere, with a real time dashboard. Your team could be in one location, or all working from home. BlueCloud works perfectly either way

Key Features

BlueCloud offers predictive, progressive and preview outbound dialling.

Omni-channel solutions to keep all conversations in one place

Real time reporting and advanced analytics

Call recordings and monitoring tools

All calls are made directly from your browser with WebRTC. No softphones required.

Flexible IVR solution to suit your requirements.

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