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How BlueCloud services can
help you grow your business


Omnichannel solutions. Keep
all conversations in one place

Manage Voice, SMS, Chat and Messaging (such as FB Messenger, Viber, WhatsApp or other platforms) in our simple and intuitive interface. Deliver best in class customer experience with minimal configuration.


BlueCloud offers Predictive,
Progressive and Preview Dialling

Outbound calling always requires a tailored approach and BlueCloud allows you to customize this for each campaign. You can also make real time changes to campaigns to determine the most effective approach.


100% cloud based. No need for
any special equipment

Simply plug a headset into a computer connected to the internet. Works perfectly both for large Call Centres and for distributed or home-based teams.


No softphones required. Call directly
from your browser with WebRTC

WebRTC makes it possible to make calls directly from your browser with no plug-ins or configuration at your end. Totally hassle free and available immediately.


Self service solution.
Get started instantly

BlueCloud is built specifically as a self-service solution. With access to our online videos and articles and a simple video training you will have your team operational the same day. In most cases, you can even keep all your existing phone numbers.


Global infrastructure. Enjoy
crystal clear audio anywhere

BlueCloud runs on AWS and other leading cloud platforms. Our global infrastructure can be fully customised, allowing you to store your data in any specified location. It also allows us to set up our solution in such a way that you experience crystal clear and latency free calls to any location.


DSS compliance

Our system has been designed for you to manage sensitive data responsibly and to remain compliant to various standards of privacy, such as GDPR requirements in Europe or PCI DSS requirements for handling payment information.


Integrates well with your
existing solutions through APIs

As a cloud platform, BlueCloud can easily be integrated with existing platforms you already use, such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Zendesk or HubSpot.


Advanced reporting, call recordings
and simple configuration

We know the value of good reporting and will bring a new level of transparency to your organization. Reports are also available in real time. With this level of control over your operations you can make even better decisions and can immediately identify and address problem areas. Our administrator interface also allows you to make changes to configurations or add new activities instantly and from any device.


Maximium security and privacy
through top tier hosting partners

Running on AWS, BlueCloud also enjoys the built-in security offered by this leading cloud platform. We also provide fully encrypted conversations to maintain our clients’ privacy and to help them remain compliant both for business partners, customers and of course local regulators.

Additional Features


Inbuilt Call
recording system

Simple access to all recordings to meet training or compliance requirements. We provide easy access to all your recordings and also have a dedicated QA Portal where results can be filtered, recordings reviewed and records be either approved, sent back for completion or disapproved.


Inbound, Outbound &
Blended solution

Blend inbound and outbound calling seamlessly across your phone based team. Take all the hassle out of your configuration. You decide the rules on who should be involved in what and will get more efficient operations in return.


Simple transfer of all calls
internally or externally

You get full control of all your calls, also in the event you need to transfer them to other parties. Do cold transfers or warm transfers where you give a brief to the receiving party before transferring the call.


Custom roles. Set permissions
that make sense to you

You are a unique organization and we have designed BlueCloud with roles which can easily be configured to match your existing roles. Makes it easier for you to maintain confidentiality and security while empowering all to do their jobs effectively.


IVRs to suit
any requirement

Interactive Voice Response systems which make sense. Flexibility is key when configuring a good IVR system. BlueCloud supports most business scenarios as you define your IVR logic.


Built in scripts
with permissions

Whether you would just like your staff to have easy access to documentation or whether you need to complete comprehensive questionnaires, BlueCloud’s powerful script solution can be configured for any business process.

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