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Set Up Customer Service Team Quickly And Cost-effectively

June 5, 2024

As a small business owner, you handle sales, HR, marketing, and IT. This applies whether you run a florist, an online homeware store, or sell solar panels. Juggling these roles can be challenging but also rewarding.. Each day brings new challenges but also opportunities to grow and succeed in different aspects of your business. As your business grows and inquiries increase, managing them all with a small team becomes challenging. At this stage, you might need to think about hiring more help or outsourcing tasks. This can help in efficiently handling the growing workload and ensuring customer satisfaction. You need to set up a customer service team quickly and cost-effectively.

Setting up the team:

Using extra help or outsourcing tasks can organize communication between prospects and customers better. It also enables you to create a database for future engagements with repeat customers. This approach provides an added advantage in maintaining long-term relationships and improving customer satisfaction.

How can you manage without costly high-tech solutions and a large staff, particularly with few agents? There are affordable tools and strategies available to help streamline your communication processes and enhance productivity. These solutions can be cost-effective and beneficial for small teams. Simply turn to the Cloud for easy-to-use contact center software solutions.

…gain access to an Omni-channel (i.e. voice, chat, social media, and email) communication platform that can be accessed by anyone, anywhere in the world,…

In the past, businesses would call their telecoms provider to set up new lines for customer service teams. These lines were used to capture customer information on spreadsheets. However, this method is no longer the norm in today’s technology-driven environment. Not only does this slow down the CX service, it’s also clunky and expensive.

Avoid the outdated method by switching to BlueCloudTech’s Omni-channel communication platform. This platform integrates voice, chat, social media, and email channels. It enables global access, allowing anyone to use it from anywhere in the world.

What is the BlueCloudTech contact center software solution?

Let’s start with what it isn’t. It is not expensive technology that requires IT expertise to set it up at your office. It doesn’t need managers and supervisors to run. It’s not physical hardware that lives on each customer service team member’s desk. And it doesn’t need a legal department to ensure your customers. The data is secure, as it is stored on Amazon Web Services (AWS). It doesn’t need a data manager to compile reports either. It is a sophisticated plug-and-play contact center system that is immediately accessible via a URL. Any of your agents can use it if they have a headset and an internet-enabled computer. Whether they are in your office or working remotely. 

Our system gives your team access to voice, email, chat, and social media customer communication. These all things are in one accessible dashboard experience, something a telephone system simply cannot do.

As today’s consumer is active across a host of communication channels. These channels are email, messenger, and social media, and agents need a panoramic view of these interactions across the engagement ecosystem. When a customer gets in touch, the agent is up-to-speed on previous interactions. BlueCloudTech makes this possible.

How long does it take to train the team?

Whenever you set up a customer service team quickly and cost-effectively. You should have to train them according to their work. The BlueCloudTech contact center software solutions can be installed in a day. There is no tricky tech to learn and you can choose between English or French. If you or your agents get stuck there are plenty of online tutorials to review for free, on request.

Using intelligent algorithms, gain access to smart analytics that provide performance data, presented in an easy-to-read format. This can quickly be shared with your clients, helping you prove value and ROI.

What are the cost and contract terms?

Subscribing to BlueCloudTech’s platform is extremely cost-effective. There is no limit to how many agents can access the dashboard at once. Cancel at any time, without incurring additional fees. Updated pricing can be found here.

What’s the catch?

You may think this sounds too easy to be true. But that is the beauty of the Cloud! It reduces the need for expensive IT solutions and cuts costs significantly. It is so simple to set up that even your technophobe mother could do it. Moreover, it only takes a few hours before your customer service team is up and running. This leaves you plenty of time to help your agents, write scripts, or develop FAQs. Additionally, it can easily be communicated using email, chat, social media, or voice.

Small and fast-growing businesses always need to work a bit smarter than the larger incumbents. So, when the time comes to set up your customer service team. Use a Cloud-based contact center software solution for fast results, accessible everywhere, and close more deals.

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