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Why opt for cloud technology for your contact centre ?

June 19, 2020

From small startups to large corporations, no one has been spared the wrath of the coronavirus pandemic.

The worldwide crisis is forcing companies of all sizes to adapt and evolve to a new reality based on remote workers and digital transformation which more and more frequently involves cloud-based solutions.

So what are the immediate benefits of going to the cloud?

In this article we will be pointing out three basic benefits the cloud can offer that an on-premises system can’t:

Ensure Business Continuity – Anytime, Anywhere

A basic business requirement is to remain operational despite natural disasters, pandemics or other sudden events requiring significant changes to your operations. Availability is an essential part of your customer experience. If you experience downtime because of servers going down, or if the contact centre is not able to operate at its usual capacity your clients will eventually go elsewhere.

BlueCloudTech has designed an all-in-one contact center solution running on a global network of cloud infrastructure with multiple failover solutions. The system can easily be accessed remotely, allowing seamless operations from any location. Even with a basic 4G connection, your agents will be making crystal clear calls on BlueCloud – just as if they were sitting in a state of the art contact center facility.

Experience crystal clear calls even with a basic 4G connection

Reduce IT Spending

The hardware required for operating a modern contact center has always been one of the most significant cost items after staff cost. In addition, license fees can be both expensive and highly limiting in their structure, especially for contact centers which experience changes in their volume or in their specific technology requirements over the year. A cloud based solution can usually be implemented very quickly, with a potential to significantly reduce your annual technology cost.

BlueCloudTech allows you to get started the same day, and does not require any hardware investments on your end. Simply connect through the browser of your existing computers and plug in a headset. We will take all the stress out of managing the system and you will not even need a techie on site, as configuring the system is extremely simple.

No extra hardware required. Launch calls from your browser


It is extremely difficult to predict the future. What will your requirements look like in Q12021? What call recording capabilities will your clients require? Where will your data need to be stored? Which communication channels will you need to integrate (voice, email, SMS, Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram etc)? Cloud solutions allow you to pay a monthly subscription just for the services you need, and typically offer all the functionality you are used to in addition to far simpler integration to other enterprise solutions, such as CRM platforms and ERP systems.

BlueCloudTech allows you to make changes to your plan at any time and does not even require the usual lock-in period common among many other providers. We know your situation sometimes changes quickly and our flexible solution has been designed to adapt in an agile way.

A flexible solution which adapts to your needs.

Finally – This is the perfect moment to pivot your business and focus on what’s most important

Operators need to be highly conscious of all factors influencing the end customer experience. By making smart technology decisions now, you will gain a significant advantage over other operators. Explore what BlueCloudTech can do for your business and get on board with a solution that is constantly evolving and getting more powerful. Our agile development team pushes new updates weekly and you can trust that we will always incorporate the latest development – best of all it will all be included in your monthly subscription fee.

There is so much you could accomplish with BlueCloudTech! It’s time to find out exactly how we can help improve your bottom line.