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Sure, the right team still matters a lot. But you will be amazed what our cloud technology can do to increase the sheer productivity of your team. You will also be able to track all activities better ever.

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BlueCloudTalk is an extremely flexible product aimed at both call centers and sales teams. The all in one sales prospecting solution contains a powerful dialer (predictive or progressive), call recording, advanced scripts, email client, chat and simple access to real time reports. All available anywhere and on any device.

A Sales Dialer Automating the Calling Process is awesome.
Full visibility of every single call attempt is priceless.

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By making BlueCloud a simple self-service solution, we are also making it available instantly wherever in the world you may be located. You can forget what you think you knew about training and implementation periods for call center technology platforms.

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Time matters. A lot. Imagine channeling all leads (e.g. leads received from your website) directly to your sales team, and calling back just minutes later. BlueCloud dialer app allows you to do not just this, but also to track and manage these leads all the way up to a transaction or any other end destination in your sales funnel. Assign leads to reps and allow them to follow up via our powerful mobile app.

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Only large call centers have traditionally been able to access advanced tools for making large volumes of calls. If you have been making calls manually from phones or even if you have just used simple click to dial or purpose built dialers you will be blown away with what BlueCloud can do for your team. Not to be confused with a CRM system, BlueCloud is first and foremost a productivity solution to make it far easier, etc.

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