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Pci Dss Compliance, Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard

Close More

Regardless of whether you do work on behalf of an external client or to meet internal requirements, the right technology will help you close more deals.


BlueCloud has developed a dialer with PCI DSS Compliance which works equally well whether you use it in predictive mode or progressive mode. You can change dial modes at any time, to suit the type of campaign, time of day etc. Disconnected numbers and no answers are detected automatically in predictive mode.


The optional answering machine detection can help save significant time by automatically detecting answering machines before the calls are transferred to one of your operators.


BlueCloud makes is extremely simple to manage teams in multiple locations or staff working from home. As an administrator you can also access a Live Report of all active campaigns whenever you need to – even from your smartphone. You can even make real time changes to the campaign, e.g. apply filters on the lists, change dialing rules, assign additional team members etc.

Waste Less

Updating CRM systems or Sales Reports are often time consuming activities. BlueCloud gives you an opportunity to automate this process. Outcomes (dispositions) from all calls are logged instantly, making it faster to get accurate reporting in real time.


Load up simple or advanced scripts for your users. Anything from a simple outline of your sales pitch to a comprehensive survey is supported by the platform. Capturing all relevant information in the same call can be a tremendous time saver.


The built in email client allows your users to send instant emails while still on a call. This saves time and increases your chance of the email being read. Flexible configuration makes it possible to send the emails from any email domain and email address, and supports SSL and TLS encryption. Create customized email templates and signatures specific to each campaign.


The Results Portal allows you to grant a steparate (yet limited) access to BlueCloud for external stakeholders, e.g. a client if you are an outsourced call center or the Senior Management team if you are in in-house sales team. You specify the contents of this Portal, but it typically includes reports and specific outcomes of the campaign (e.g. qualified leads). No more separate reports to prepare.


IVR means Interactive Voice Response and allows you to define caller queues and to use advanced features even at times when no agents are available to answer phones or to give simple instructions or information to customers.

Make Better

With real time information on all your activities, it is simpler than ever to analyze your approach and to experiment with changes to your process, script and other campaign parameters. Accessing this information is simple, also for non-techies, and this makes BlueCloud an amazing Sales Management tool.


The built-in call recording feature saves your recordings securely on Amazon´s S3 service for up to 90 days. You can also download your recordings at any time. Define call recording policies for each campaign to suit your requirements. BlueCloud supports agent controlled recording which will keep you compliant with PCI DSS requirements if you manage credit card data.


BlueCloud contains standard reports which give you all campaign related metrics at your fingertips. The Agent Performance Report lets you know how each user spends their time. Campaign Performance Report tracks all call outcomes (dispositions), while the Call Data Report provides a detailed overview of all calls made by the system.


We believe QA is an essential activity in most telephone centric organizations. BlueCloud contains a simple portal where you can analyze the results of all calls, review information captured and listen to recordings. Incomplete or failed calls can be returned to the individual users for further processing.


Get more out of each member of your team, while saving on each call you make through our very competitive VoIP rates. No up front investment means you will see savings immediately.


BlueCloud is a system you can use with only your existing computers running with headsets. This means you can get started immediately, without spending anything on expensive hardware. BlueCloud can also be configured to work with your existing phones, so just let us know how you would like it to be set up.


BlueCloud includes all key components you need to run an effective campaign. No need for a separate recording solution or email tool. In most cases, our included "Mini CRM" will also remove the need to run a separate CRM for your organization.


BlueCloud offers very competitive VoIP plans that are offered as bundles with the BlueCloud service itself. These plans all come with no up front cost and no contract period. Just like BlueCloud itself.