Remove the blinds.
Get full visibility of all your providers.

Use the power of cloud technology to improve results.

What if you could get a live view of exactly what your providers were up to?
And what if you could keep all your data secure from misuse?

The solution
is simplier than you think

BlueCloud has built an extremely simple solution which does not require any prior knowledge of solutions used by call centers.

Our simple dashboard gives you access to the key information and reports related to all your outsourced campaigns, while you can set access controls for each provider separately for maximum control. 

for you

By making BlueCloud a simple self-service solution, we are also making it available instantly wherever in the world you may be located. You can forget what you think you knew about training and implementation periods for call center technology platforms.

How do you know you are getting what you pay for?

Have you ever wondered how many agents actually did work for you today, how many connected calls they made or how they actually present themselves on the phone. Get access to pre-defined reports covering anything you can imagine plus one click access to recordings off every single call. Even listen in live on calls if you feel like it. All from your favourite device. 

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Free for Outsourcers


New to Call Center Technology?

Call Center have been using advanced telephony solutions for a long time. Traditionally installed on premise, the solutions have required a substantial up front investment and compulsory maintenance and support fees once in place. Cloud technology is now changing this model completely. You can still get access to high end IVRs, predictive dialers, ACD solutions, Call Recordings, etc.

If not now, when?



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