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Why BlueCloud? I already have a system in place. Ask yourself these questions.... Does my system allow me to set up and run a new campaign in less than 15 minutes? Will my system help me retain clients, or is it just a commodity? Could I be spending too much on technology every year? Am I in a Contract? What if have a slow month/year? Do I pay for Administrator access? Do I pay for support? Service Agreements? Do I pay extra for basic features such as recording? Do I have instant email features? Does my system give me access the cheapest VoIP price plans in the industry? Am I able to add home based agents and track them the same way as the office based agents? We think it may be time for you to review your technology. Contact us today.
You can be making your first call within the hour. We challenge any other professional platform to do the same. BlueCloud does not require any special infrastructure or equipment on your end.
Yes we do. BlueCloud is the ideal solution for multi-site set up and for home-based staff. Through BlueCloud's Live Monitor, you are able to monitor and manage staff remotely from any device. Our online BlueCloud Chat functionality is also a powerful way to keep the entire team connected.
All the more reason for you. It's always a good thing that you are already using a dialer, as you are familiar with this functionality. However, there are some notable limitations with such technology, and you will soon find out that BlueCloud does a lot more than you are used to. Your Agents and Administrators will enjoy using BlueCloud - the simplicity and fluidity of the system is addictive. Make sure you get their feedback!
Absolutely. You can make changes at any time during the campaign - even when you are on the road and can only access internet through your phone. Changes will be effected immediately through our powerful back end.
This depends on the number of agents you plan to have on the system simultaneously. A very simple rule of thumb is that you can have 5 agents on a 1Mbit/1Mbit connection, 50 agents on a 10 Mbit/10Mbit connection etc., but recommend that you run some tests to check actual capacity and also that you contact us in advance if you are unsure about your connection
We definitely recommend having a VoIP capable router, with the ability to define QoS for VoIP traffic. This is a general recommendation for anyone planning to use VoIP telephony for business. Research online for suitable models or contact us if you would like to get some ideas where to start.
Most likely. BlueCloud works really well in most countries around the world thanks to our global hosting capabilities with Amazon Web Services. You will access servers as close as possible to you for optimal sound quality and speed. Contact us to find out more
BlueCloud is a pay-as-you-go service with no contracts and no up front hardware investments required. You will pay a small set up fee to get started and will then pay in advance per seat/month. A separate prepaid invoice will be issued for VoIP charges. You will be able to view your balance from your online portal. Payment can be made using a credit card (VISA, MasterCard or Amex). You will be notified by email when credit is low so you can top up your account.
Yes. BlueCloud offers volume discounts both for subscription fees and for VoIP charges. Contact us to find out how you could benefit from this.