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We provide the best contact center software solutions to our clientele without the hassle and cost often associated with these systems. We pride ourselves in presenting operator focused solutions for businesses eyeing to advance in the market and provide the best customer oriented services.

Why Choose Us?

We’re proud to provide our solutions to several great businesses. If the above is not enough, we have 3 other big reasons to celebrate as the best calling management software provider.

Selected Features

The BlueCloud platform comes with a set of features often reserved for large enterprise solutions. These features are now available to your business without the cost and the complexity of implementing such platforms and perhaps the best thing – you can get started as early as today!

Advanced Routing

No need to manually transfer a call from one calling agent to another. Add advanced routing with built-in skills-based routing and smart IVR software systems to your customer support technology, which aids in automatically routing calls to the most appropriate calling candidates available in your customer support team.

Automated Workflows

Automated workflows help in increasing agency efficiency while simultaneously reducing the average handle time. The phone auto dialer software frees calling agents from managing workflows, giving them the opportunity to focus entirely on the customer and hence, provide a flawless customer support service.

Customized Reporting & Monitoring

With regular reporting and monitoring, our versatile calling software allows your team to explore its full potential and provide the best customer service experience possible. Customization feature of the calling system allows changing the calling preferences as per your changing business requirements quickly and effortlessly.

Increase Productivity

See immediate productivity results with our flagship call management software. Gain up to three times more connected calls with our predictive dialer for call center over traditional manual dialing. Unlike other calling software, the quality of voice doesn’t degrade with the increasing number of connected calls as this is fully scalable in our cloud solution.

Full Visibility

Access all call recordings and generated reports with ease. Remove guesstimates from your business process and replace them with completely calculated and visible working.

Predictive Calling

Predictive calling plays an essential role for call center services. Our predictive dialer for call centers comes with all necessary feats to let your business mushroom in the rapidly changing business environment. This IVR Call Centre solution helps agents provide an interactive response to the callers even when they unavailable.

Use with Other Applications

Allowing integration to other applications frequently used at your business makes the complete customer servicing process much easier and powerful. Integration allows for a streamlined workflow, insight deductions, efficient monitoring, and so on. BlueCloud is a true cloud solution and talk to us about your integration requirements.

Simple Interface

A few minutes are all it takes to start off with our top-notch comprehensive call center software with phone auto dialer software. Whether you’re a veteran or it’s your first time with the call management suite, start just right off without any delay.

Reasons for Choosing Us

  • 24x7 Customer Support

    We love to hear from our beloved clients. We are available around the clock, 7 days a week for resolving queries. We dare say you have not experienced a more responsive support team.

  • Distinct Pricing for Distinct Needs

    Whether you’re looking for a software capable of handling only a few calling agents or a calling suite capable of managing over 100s of calling connections side by side, we have you covered. With our SaaS solution you simply pay for what you use with our distinct contact center software solutions tailor-made for your business.

  • Step-by-Step Assistance

    Having difficulties setting up the calling management software? No worries, we provide step-by-step help to set up the system in the easiest way possible. You are ready to start your first campaign the very day you sign up for BlueCloud.


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