Outsource with confidence.

With 100% visibility.

Smarter management of your outsourced telephony processes.

Whether you are outsourcing your telephony process to a company next door or to multiple companies around the globe, BlueCloudView is your FREE platform for managing this process in a brand new way.

Full Visibility

BlueCloudView gives you access to a portal with real time view of all activity in the call center. Listen to live calls, view reports and manage your data directly. You are in control, and decide exactly what your provider should be able to access. No prior experience is required to understand our simple interface.

Full visibility of every single call attempt is priceless.
Improve results instantly.

Improve your
Data Security

With BlueCloudView you can decide whether to send your data for them to upload or whether you prefer to restrict this access. The difference here means everything though, as you should be able to make that choice for every new campaign that you launch.

Better Results

Being closer to the call activity has incredible benefits, and allows you to work far closer with your outsourced provider to analyze and adjust ongoing campaigns. Review results as they unfold and make immediate changes to your campaigns.

Why should you care?

Among the top 3 worries among both exiting outsourcer and companies considering to outsource their processes you will often find issues around trust, lack of visibility or data confidentiality concerns.

BlueCloudView is a free solution. Contact us to find out how you can started.



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