Telemarketing Software to Boost your Sales

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September 6, 2017
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November 1, 2017

Telemarketing Software to Boost your Sales

Telemarketing is an effective means adopted by organizations across a wide variety of market niches to boost sales of their products and services. It is an important asset to cloud-based as well as on-premises call centers and customer support centers.

Many services offering opportune Cloud Contact Center Solutions provide some top-quality telemarketing software along with their original offerings. On the other hand, several dedicated telemarketing software services are also available.

Before delving into the concept and use of telemarketing software, let’s run through a brief foreword into the concept of telemarketing.

What is Telemarketing?

Also known as inside sales or telesales, telemarketing is a form of direct marketing. It is accomplished by means of soliciting potential customers over the phone or a face-to-face or Web conferencing meeting scheduled over the telemarketing call.

As a matter of fact, telemarketing might also include playing a pre-recorded sale pitch program over a phone via automatic dialing. Past few decades have seen an immense technological advancement and superfast connectivity developments. As a direct consequence, telemarketing software is becoming increasingly popular as apt Cloud Call Center Solutions as well as vital business marketing tools.

Role of Telemarketing

The function of telemarketing is not limited to merely a Cloud Contact Center Software application or a marketing process. Instead, it is adopted by alumni associations, charitable organizations and political parties to solicit donations.

Also, marketing research organizations make use of telemarketing techniques to study past as well as potential clientele with the aim of assessing market acceptance as well as customer satisfaction level associated with a particular brand, product, service or an entire company.

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Telemarketing is an important means of generating reliable public polls and opinions too. Moreover, telemarketing techniques also find use in various forms of electronic marketing, such as email.

The Telemarketing Process

A traditional telemarketing process consists of two calls or two sets of calls. The first call, or set of calls, aims at determining customer needs and requirements. Potential clients are identified using various means, ranging from past purchase history to previous requests for information.

The second call, or set of calls, is for motivating users into making a purchase. There are several ways of gaining a list of potential customers, among which most popular option is purchasing consumer database from another organization. Contacts are also selected from a telephone directory or some other public list in many cases.

Telemarketing software allows telemarketing calling agents, like those using a Cloud Predictive Dialer in a call center, to gain info on the client they have made the call to right on their computer screen.

Telemarketing Software

With the advent of technology, the practice of telemarketing has shifted from telemarketing done through phones to making calls using telemarketing software. There is a wide variety of telemarketing software available in the market to suit distinct telemarketing needs.

Most telemarketing software saves precious time for calling agents by featuring an automatic Cloud Predictive Dialer -like calling function. Telemarketing software boosts daily call volume, agent productivity, speed-to-contact, etc.

Feats of Adding Telemarketing Software to your Business

There are two primary types of telemarketing software. One is the simple software that needs to be installed on a system to be used and the second one is a Web-based program. The latter need not be installed on a system to be used i.e. it can be accessed directly online.

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