Increase Calls by 100% with Best in Class Auto Dialer Software

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November 1, 2017
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November 1, 2017

Increase Calls by 100% with Best in Class Auto Dialer Software

Dialer Software for Call Center

Also known as auto dialer and auto-dialer, an auto Dialer Software is a computer program that is capable of automatically dialing phone numbers. It provides two options after a call has been attended, either connecting the call to a person or to play a recorded message. In the latter case, it is called robocalling or voice broadcasting.

A comprehensive auto dialer imparts call centers with the ability to amazingly increase the total volume of calls. Autodialers that put a successfully answered call to a calling agent are called predictive dialers or power dialers. A power dialer simply dials a pre-defined set of phone numbers while predictive dialer makes use of real-time analysis to decide the calling numbers set as well as the optimal time for dialing several possible numbers simultaneously.

 Important Features

Dialer Software for Call Center

Though a Dialer Software for Call Center boasts several features, 2 of its essential features are answering machine detection and compliance.

Answering Machine Detection
Probably the most remarkable technology that an auto dialer features lies in its ability to successfully distinguish between humans and answering machines. In order to do so, an autodialer system needs to analyze the incoming audio.
Even though no autodialer algorithm is available that can offer 100% prediction accuracy, most of them offer a high level of accuracy to remain viable dialing options.

Call Pre-Qualification
Another important advantage of using an autodialer software is pre-qualification of calls. In most cases, this is made possible by coupling autodialer with an IVR (Interactive Voice Response). Following this, a client is taken through a number of prompts. These prompts help in deciding if the caller qualifies for redirecting the call to a calling agent, or not.

Call pre-qualification improves calling agent productivity by saving the time invested in calling undesirable prospects. Moreover, it allows calling agents to focus entirely on prospective callers for making a sale. Hence, the overall productivity of the organization increases.

Using an auto Cloud Dialer requires complying with business laws imposed by the local law authority. In order to legally continue the use of an autodialer, it is mandatory to display drop call percentage, maintain records and avoid calling prospective clients who have activated the Do Not Call feature.
While using an auto dialer, one doesn’t need to take care of all the calling legalities itself. It is so because most of the autodialers are built to comply with rules and regulations imposed by the law. Moreover, many auto dialer providers offer clients the flexibility to modify the software to suit rules and regulations imposed by local law authorities.

TTS (Text-to-Speech)
Text-to-Speech or TTS may connect with clients more personally, resulting in an increased number of sales. The feature imparts several powerful abilities to the typical auto Dialer Software. Moreover, text-to-speech feature is completely user-friendly. Contact centers can easily, and readily, design effective IVR scripts with the aim of accumulating caller-specific information.
As another advantage of TTS, the feature allows calling agents to provide personalized messages. In most scenarios, message templates are used to personalize messages successfully and effectively. Most autodialers are compliant with the popular Microsoft Speech API to provide robust and instant services.

 Key Benefits of Auto Dialers for Increasing Calls by 100%

There are several advantages brought to the table by an auto dialer. 4 most important perks of bringing an autodialer to any kind of contact center business are as follows:

  1. Efficient Management of Client Records and Database
    An auto Cloud Dialer software provides important assistance in managing client records and database. This allows calling agents to access client data quickly and effectively. Moreover, the calling software allows restructuring calls based on preexisting call records. It also has the ability to detect client numbers incapable of generating any sales.
  2. Smart Outbound Call Management System
    Autodialers are specifically designed to be a smart solution for managing outbound calls, especially in a call center environment. For achieving this, these systems make use of effective computer algorithms and complex statistical modeling. Autodialers can dial a client number from the database to increase productivity.
  3. Significantly Reduced Downtime
    Calling algorithm used in an auto Dialer Software for Call Center saves calling agents from waiting for the next call. As soon as a calling agent becomes available the dialing software makes a call to a client. Since there is no significant wait time involved, downtime is greatly reduced.



Morten Blomfeldt
Morten Blomfeldt
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