Improve your Small Business with Call Center Software Technology

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October 27, 2017
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Improve your Small Business with Call Center Software Technology

Call Center Software Technology

Looking to upgrade your Call Center Services with the use of modern software for a call center? Compared to a decade older call centers, a modern call center is relatively less bulky, requires less equipment and is capable to achieve more. This has become possible because of powerful contact center software. There are several different features that software meant for call center brings to the table.

No two call centers have the same requirements. Hence, different call centers need to go with different software, capable of fulfilling all their requirements. But how to choose the Best Call Center Software for your purpose? For that, you need to understand different features such software offers. Following are various popular features offered by contact center software solutions:

ACD (Automatic Call Distributor)

An automatic call distributor is responsible for routing all incoming calls to fitting calling agents. Such a system is also capable to collect usage data, including call volume, call duration and wait time. It brings many features, such as call monitoring and conferencing, to call center managers.


The actual telecommunications technology employed in any contact center software is called telephony. While some call center solutions cater to clientele with their own telephony, others allow clients to add their own means of telephony. It allows people to communicate and is hence also known as the heart of any call center.

IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

The telephony menu system is involved with identification, segmentation and routing callers to the most fitting calling agents. While interacting with such a system, a caller first interacts with a programmed voice and then is given a number of prompts to choose from. These prompts are mostly selected by pressing numeric keys.

Call Queues

When all calling agents are busy then additional callers are put on hold using call queues. The feature comes with non-cloud as well as Cloud Call Center Software. This functionality allows call center managers to create and maintain distinct call queues for different departments and teams.

Automatic Screen Pop

As soon as a calling agent’s phone starts rings, an automatic screen pop feature projects important information about the caller right on the calling agent’s computer screen. Typically the pop-up screen displays caller’s name, picture, phone number, address, email address, company, and position.

Business Tools Integration

In order to better call center services, contact center software needs to feature integrated business tools. Some popular forms of business tools include CRMs, ecommerce platforms, marketing software, and helpdesks. The main purpose of these integrated tools is to provide comprehensive details about the caller as well as allowing calling agents to make the calls more productive and convincing.

Call Control

Call control is a term that includes various call features, including hold, conference, mute, transfer, and hang up. Different contact center software has call control available in different means. For instance, more progressive calling software comes with call control built right into the browser. This allows calling agents to use a single click to deal with calls.

Disposition Codes

A disposition code feature allows calling agents to add remarks for the final outcome of the call. When applied, the disposition code appears in the contact’s profile as well as on the recent calls lists. Some popular disposition codes are Escalated to Manager, Followup Required, Refund Requested, and Transferred to Tech Support.

Whisper Coaching

Any Call Center Software meant to assist managers in optimizing agent training comes with a feature known as whisper coaching. The feature allows call center managers or team leaders to drop in during a live call and give important advice to the calling agent without disturbing the caller.

Conference Calling

An important feature that allows different teams to work collaboratively is the conference call. Three or more people can communicate during any conference call. This feature is useful when the need of transferring calls to some other department arises while addressing any complex or sensitive issue.

Voicemail, Transcription, and Notifications

No matter whether it is a simple calling software or a Cloud Call Center Software, voicemail feature is a necessity. The feature allows callers to leave important messages for a calling agent or the organization in case there is none available. Along with voicemail, transcription and notifications allow entire calling teams to stay in touch with important callers.

Real-time Reporting

Another important feature of calling software is real-time reporting. The feature displays important metric in a calling agent’s as well as the manager’s dashboard in real time. It is an important feature for calling agents and managers looking to make informed decisions.


Morten Blomfeldt
Morten Blomfeldt
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