Customer Experience Trends to Hit 2018

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Customer Experience Trends to Hit 2018

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Happy New Year and welcome to 2018! There are several great things waiting to happen in 2018, provided you know the right approach for your business this year. For custom support centers, it is going to be yet another challenging year with all the recent developments in communication technology and newer aspects of customer experience coming every now and then.
Whether you’ve already started using a Cloud Predictive Dialer for your business or not, it’s high time to know the best services you can benefit your clientele with. So, here we are with some customer experience trends that are going to change the way customer support centers used to provide services and solutions to patrons.

1. Consumer Empowerment, Grander than Ever
With the release of new and powerful technology every now and then, the customer is going to get the most benefit. New technology is empowering customers every day, making them impactful than ever before. The pivotal objective of any customer service is to provide better service to its customers, which leave them fully satisfied and longing for more in the future. Therefore, it’s important to live up to customer expectations in 2018 to give the best to your business while keeping in mind how empowered a customer is in 2018.

2. Personalization on the Emotional Level
Most people don’t like dealing with customer service, until and unless they really need to. There are several reasons for the disliking, ranging from long hold times while using a Call Recorder to the inability to connect on an emotional level. However, newer and effective means of technology enable customer service representatives to provide such personalization to customers, allowing them to connect at an emotional level. From talking to using tools, there are several means to provide a desirable level of personalization to customers and involve them in a conversation for a long tim without boring or infuriating them.

3. The Dawn of Artificial Intelligence and IoT
Instead of hunting an opportune dialer for call center price, you might need to go for dialer software that implements the use of artificial intelligence. Thanks to the innovation in the field of AI, machine learning, and natural language processing, we are bestowed with technology that can imitate the human intellect. As AI and IoT continue to mushroom over time, 2018 is an opportune time to make use of calling software with AI.

4. Blockchain Strike
Still in its infancy, Blockchain technology promises to deliver several benefits across different markets, including customer support and applications. Blockchain technology has an innate ability for easing collaboration, simplifying scalability, and cutting infrastructure costs. If the surge in cryptocurrency keeps on growing in 2018, which is likely to be that way, then blockchain technology is sure to have a great impact on the way things are happening right now between contact centers and clients. Therefore, it’s important for contact centers looking to make it big in 2018 to have a close eye on blockchain technology and not to miss any chance of integrating it with the core technology of the business to match the upcoming and ever transforming client requirements.


Morten Blomfeldt
Morten Blomfeldt
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