Accelerate Sales Success with Call Center Solutions from BlueCloud

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November 1, 2017
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Accelerate Sales Success with Call Center Solutions from BlueCloud

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About BlueCloud

Headquartered in Sydney, BlueCloud was founded in 2011. The calling services provider aims at optimizing and implementing new and powerful cloud technology around core telephony and productivity solutions.

Company Philosophy

Technology needs to be well understood by users. This allows them to get better and effective results, in short, take out the maximum potential present inside any technology.

Earlier cloud technology Call Center Solutions were limited to replicate services offered by on-premise providers. BlueCloud strongly advocates that cloud technology can be used to devise effective and powerful contact center solutions. Traditional vendors find it difficult to keep service fees low while managing the cost of delivering powerful solutions.

However, by simplifying solutions and providing the same on the basis of self-service, both value proposition and price point for SMEs and MNCs, could be redefined. With some innovation and precise use of cloud technology, it is possible to create a win-win situation on both ends of the company-client relationship.

BlueCloud makes use of core telephony, productivity solutions, and global cloud capabilities to create customized, precise solutions for a wide range of professionals varying from outsources and distributed sales teams to those seeking premium tailor-made Cloud Contact Center Solutions.

Believes In

BlueCloud believes in providing 3 qualities in any custom-made calling solution:

  • Simplicity – Everything is simple! Whether you’re starting from scratch or covered a long distance with cloud call center tech before, we make it simpler.
  • Productivity – See immediate results with BlueCloud by your side. You do all the management and let intelligent technology figure out revenue or capital generation for your business. Boost the number of connected calls up to 3x more than that of traditional dialing.
  • Transparency – Throw guesswork out of the window. Get full visibility into your business process with call recordings and detailed albeit concise reports, whenever and wherever you want.


Products & Services

From offering effectual cloud call center solutions to providing customized call center software, BlueCloud caters to a wide variety of clientele, varying from professional outsources to distributed sales team leads and managers. BlueCloud specializes in providing 3 premium services:

  1. BlueCloudTalk

Offered to both call centers and sales teams, BlueCloudTalk is a comprehensive many-in-one, multi-platform contact center software solution.


  • Flexible – Fully customizable to match all kinds of business requirements successfully overcoming or meeting platform-dependency and device-dependency
  • Multi-Platform – Available across a wide variety of devices and platforms. Use it from anywhere on any Internet-enabled smart device at any time
  • Nimble – Doesn’t require businesses to set up a massive infrastructure to successfully operate BlueCloudTalk multi-featured calling software
  • Self-Service – Not just any specific call center solutions albeit easy to access in the form of self-service access
  • Anytime, Anywhere – Readily available on a different set of devices so that a business never misses out on any important details and insights


  1. BlueCloudView

A completely free and complementary platform for streamlining and managing all telephony processes from a single powerful dashboard. BlueCloudView provides businesses the ease to manage and oversee business process(es) while on the fly.


  • Full Visibility – Instant access to dashboard portal for viewing and accessing insights on every significant activity happening at the very moment with any cloud contact center solutions business process
  • Enhanced Data Security – Take control of all your data transfers. Manage whom to give access and whom to restrict data transfer while working on any of your campaigns
  • Intuitive Interface – No need to have prior training with contact center management tools. BlueCloudView is built with simplicity in consideration
  • Review Results and Reports on the Go – Looking to get important insights from your business operation while you’re off for attending a business meet or having fun on a family vacation? BlueCloudView stays in your pocket or in your bag, wherever you go.


  1. VoIP Services

Reasonable, comprehensive, customized VoIP Services to judiciously meet different business requirements and needs.


  • Cloud-based – All VoIP Services are available via a robust cloud platform. Reliability and superfast connectivity coupled with the ease to access and customize
  • CRM Integration ­– Tailor-made VoIP services for instant and effortless integration with any extant Custom Relationship Management software
  • Standardized – Entire line of VoIP phone and cloud calling services are at par with industrial standards for facilitating an interactive and powerful experience. All technologies and methodologies at BlueCloud VoIP services abide by industry standards
  • Powerful and Secure – Security of every BlueCloud VoIP service is backed by a robust security infrastructure to ensure continuity and little easily manageable downtime to businesses


Morten Blomfeldt
Morten Blomfeldt
Combining the power for traditional enterprise telephony systems with modern CRM solutions, BlueCloud delivers a incredible simple to use and versatile all-in-one cloud solution for call centres and sales teams of any size. No up front investment, no techies required to implement or manage the solution and technology cost is typically reduced by 50-70%.