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BlueCloud was founded in 2011 and is headquartered in Sydney, Australia.
The company is passionate around building new and powerful cloud technology around core telephony and productivity solutions.

Why we created

Could you get better results by using technology you can actually understand? At BlueCloud, we believe technology should be well understood by its users, but often is not…

Far too many cloud technology solutions simply clone what their on-premise counterparts have already been doing for years, but we know cloud solutions should be so much more. The cost of delivering powerful solutions cause traditional vendors to maintain significant fees for their offerings which often makes it hard for smaller companies to justify the expense. Lucky for you, BlueCloud is not such a traditional vendor. By simplifying the solutions and making them available on a self-service basis, we would like to re-define both the value proposition and the price point for small to mid-sized organizations.

On top of the core telephony and productivity solutions, BlueCloud marry global cloud capabilities with mobility to offer brand new solutions for distributed sales teams and outsourcers respectively which are ground breaking, we can't wait to tell you what's next…