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Get an enterprise grade and industry-standard calling software for your business without turning to inferior technology. Our calling software is a highly reliable and productive VICIdial alternative, with far better features, better reliability and none of the disadvantages associated with this platform.

First some basics:
What is VoIP (Voice over
Internet Protocol)?

VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol makes multimedia sessions and voice communications feasible over the Internet. The term is collectively used for defining a group of methodologies and technologies that make voice communication features plausible. VoIP is also known by several names like Internet Telephony and IP Telephony. VoIP technology provides businesses with excellent customer support calling capabilities. Unlike traditional phone lines, there is no long-distance fees charged for VoIP services, making it the ideal communication technology for customer support departments. Forget about the poor audio quality that plagued VoIP solutions some years ago. Modern VoIP solutions such as what is used by BlueCloud offers crisp audio quality which sounds like you are calling from next door.

Advantages of VoIP

  • Improves Customer Experience

    VoIP System has superior communication quality over standard phone (copper) lines. VoIP is better than standard phone lines in terms of speed and connectivity. Hence, adding VoIP to your business aids in improving customer experience.

  • Low Operationals and Training Costs

    Perhaps the biggest advantage that a business will benefit from using VoIP services is reduction in operational and training costs. As VoIP services rely on the Internet and not any dedicated phone communication provider, your operational costs go down remarkably. Based on VoIP, BlueCloud facilitates training of new calling agents without the need to add significant training budgets.

  • Reduces Agent Attrition

    By being highly reliable and good quality, VoIP services aid in significantly reducing agent attrition, which can otherwise cause undesired dwindling in customer satisfaction.

Why Choose VoIP Services from BlueCloud?

Cloud Platform

All our services are fully available via a cloud platform. This means more reliable connection at reduced costs. A headset with mic, a computer, and an Internet connection is all that you require to begin providing world-class customer service to your clients.

CRM Integration

Our VoIP services are tailor made for integrating effortlessly with existent CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software and packages.

Industry Standards

All technologies and methodologies employed in our VoIP phone and cloud calling services are as per industry standards, allowing for a powerful and interactive experience.

Intelligent Routing

Considering several factors like agent availability and customer history, our trademark calling software allows routing to be completed in a flash.

On-Screen Caller Info

As soon as a communication link between the client and the calling agent is established over the VoIP phone, the on-screen caller info pops up on the calling agent’s screen. This prevents time spent in fetching important client info like full name, age, address, and other relevant information.

Reliable and Scalable

We provide scalable and reliable VoIP solutions. All our cloud services are secured to ensure your data remains safe.

Simple Pricing

No more complex pricing plans, our versatile VoIP calling software is an efficient VICIdial alternative without all the complexity. We have a simple and scalable price plan which makes it easy for your business to save and predict your monthly costs.

Smart Dialer

With smart dialer or predictive dialer, time wasted in calling agent assignment is significantly reduced. The dialer software predicts the availability of available calling agents and optimizes calling agent assignment.


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