Generate leads, manage sales and customise your cold calling strategy

Operating Call Centres and amassing leads was never this easy.

Blue Cloud lets you alter your strategy to get maximum results. While most campaign managers wonder how to get leads with unsorted data, Blue Cloud helps you save time, tactically place calls and achieve maximum output with strategic calling

Blue Cloud is a soliution with powerful features like:

Smart Dialer

With smart dialer or predictive dialer, time wasted in calling agent assignment is significantly reduced. The dialer software predicts the availability of available calling agents and optimizes calling agent assignment.

Detects Answering Machine

Blue Cloud also helps your team save time by automatically detecting answering machines with a high degree of accuracy. This means more time spent talking to actual prospects instead of time consuming calls to answering machines.

ISave time

A challenge sales and call centre professionals face is updating CRM systems and sales reports in time. It’s often time consuming but Blue Cloud Tech resolves the issue by automating the process. It logs all calls’ outcomes immediately (soon as the call is ended) and this results in accurate and fast reporting.

Built-In Script

Managers can load simple or advanced scripts depending on the data type and campaign needs. The platform supports variety of sales pitches and also supports all-inclusive surveys when information is collected from prospects/customers. The built-in features assists your team in capturing all necessary information immediately.

Flexible Dialer

Blue Cloud acts as a lead generation software, giving you in the driver’s seat with its versatile dialer and multiple dial modes. Easily switching between competitive modes like predictive mode and progressive mode, the dialer can be customised to suit any type of campaign, time of the day, list quality, team size etc.. The built in algorithm also detects no answers and disconnected numbers automatically, reducing wait time significantly for your team.

Never miss a call

The software comes with a fully customisable Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and lets operators define caller queues and set up call flows per campaign. The BlueCloud platform offers advanced features to help operators answer phones even when they are not available. So, there is no way you will be missing any leads at all.

In depth Information

BlueCloud gives you in-depth, real-time information on all activities. This lets operators analyze their approach and streamline their efforts while experimenting with the process, cold-calling technique, script and other factors influencing the campaign. All the information is easily available – also to non-techies. The software offers an effective tool to optimize lead generation by following high quality calling and sales management principles. Advanced built-in tools help operators up their game and amass higher leads by altering strategy.


A challenge most sales and call centre professionals face is updating CRM systems and sales reports in time. It’s often time consuming, and many also suffer from poor data quality. Blue Cloud resolves this issue by automating the entire process. It logs all calls’ outcomes immediately (soon as the call is ended) and this results in accurate and fast reporting through predefined reports and exports.


The software comes with a built in email client that lets you connect easily and immediately. Anyone who wants an answer to the question how to get leads should understand the value of sending emails while talking to the prospective clients. While an operator is on the call with a prospective client, he/she has better chances of persuading the other party to open the mail and perform a certain action. Most prospective clients don’t open or follow up with the mail post the call but sending one while still on the call can really help operators close the deal. Moreover, Blue Cloud lets operators create various personalised email templates and signatures as per the campaign and data type.

Need Automated Dialing System ?

Needs more leads? BlueCloud is a simple to use, yet higly effective lead generation software which lets you streamline your efforts and make more sales using a range of built-in advanced tools