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What if the technology powering your call center did not require any techies in your team?
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is Pure Cloud Power

BlueCloudTalk is an extremely flexible product aimed at call center of any size. It contains all the power of large enterprise telephony solutions, but without the complexity or the hefty price tag.

The all in one solution contains a powerful dialer (predictive or progressive), call recording, advanced scripts, email client, chat and simple access to real time reports. All available anywhere and on any device.

The Self-Service

By making BlueCloud a simple self-service solution, we are also making it available instantly wherever in the world you may be located. You can forget what you think you knew about training and implementation periods for call center technology platforms.

Does your technology help you win more work?

With innovative features such as the integrated Results Portal, BlueCloudTalk can dramatically improve client retention through greater transparency and confidence from your clients. BlueCloud's superior security and reliability counts when your client's interests are at stake. Fully hosted with instant redundancy and real time backups your data stays safe with us.

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New to Call Center Technology?

Call Center have been using advanced telephony solutions for a long time. Traditionally installed on premise, the solutions have required a substantial up front investment and compulsory maintenance and support fees once in place. Cloud technology is now changing this model completely. You can still get access to high end IVRs, predictive dialers, ACD solutions, Call Recordings, etc.

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