Is your predictive dialer really a predictive dialer?

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How Auto-dialers can Help Accelerate Performance and Retain Clients?
April 10, 2018
How Auto-dialers can Help Accelerate Performance and Retain Clients?
August 23, 2018

Is your predictive dialer really a predictive dialer?


Outbound call Centres and external sales organizations often emphasize the volume of calls made and the number of people spoken to as the productivity parameters.

Predictive dialers have brought about a revolution by doubling-tripling the number of calls made in a call centre every day.

But there are plenty of semi-standard dialling products masquerading as high-tech predictive dialers.

Read on to know what makes a predictive dialer is a real predictive dialer.

  1. Automatic detection of no answers or voicemails

Always identify a predictive dialer by observing its algorithm.

A key reason why predictive dialers are so coveted is that they figure out the no-answers and detect numbers that respond through answering machines.

So, the dialer skips these numbers in a few miliseconds and only connects agents to numbers where a human picks up the call.

This means more live conversations and more time talking than dialling and waiting for the other person to pick up the call.

If your predictive dialer doesn’t sniff out the no-answers, disconnected numbers and answer machines then it’s probably just an outdated auto-dialer.

  1. Minimal wait time

The best rated predictive Dialers call back to back, to call centres and external sales organizations’ advantage. They work a lot like an auto-dialer but they are smart. They don’t just dial, they observe and learn.

They notice how long does an agent talk to the prospective clients for and how many agents are available, etc.

Based on that, it queues up the numbers and dials them as soon as the agent is about to wrap up the call.

So, by the time an agent hangs up the call, he/she has another prospective client waiting on the line with minimal delay.

For example, if an agent spends approximately 25 seconds on a call on average and the dialer will start calling another number as the agent is 21-22 seconds into the conversation.

  1. Multiple numers are called simultaneously

An impressive feature of predictive dialers is that they dial multiple numbers at once and will connect the available agents as needed.

So, predictive dialers are essentially everything-in-one-place technology. It dials numbers simultaneously and connects agents who are available attend the calls to customers picking up on the other end.

If your predictive dialer is taking too long dialling or if the simultaneous dialling is getting too messy for your agents then it might be time to upgrade.

  1. Everything in one place

Modern predictive dialers come with a built-in CRM system, email system, call scripts, call recording, etc.

The CRM system updates records as soon as each call is wrapped up.

Dispositions can be logged immediately and agents can refer to scripts or relevant information, such as previous transactions, price lists, product information or similar while speaking with a prospective client.

Besides, a built-in email client lets your agents send emails while still talking to the client.

So, predictive dialers eradicate the need for an external email client, manual call scripts, a call recorder or a CRM system.

If your predictive dialer doesn’t have the add-ons you might be in need of an upgrade.

  1. Interactive Voice Response

What do you think happens to the calls when the agents aren’t available to take them?

A modern predictive dialer should also be capable of handling inbound calls, and should offer Interactive Voice Response (IVR) which helps filter and distriute the calls. With IVR, you can define caller queues that let the next available agent take the call.

If your current dialer doesn’t let you handle incoming calls properly you should start seaching for an upgrade.

  1. Performance Evaluation in Real Time

Some predictive dialers offer managers and team leads the option to analyze the quality of calls, as well as a number of real time metrics. This is especially true about cloud based dialers.

Good metrics are fundamental to building a highly fruitful outbound campaign, so make sure your dialer offers all the real time reporting you need.


Various forms of automated dialling technology has been around for decades but every now and then, the market introduces new, modified predictive dialer software solutions.

The core idea behind predictive dialer software solutions has been maximising the number of live conversations. New solutions are in addition focusing on making each conversation as productive as possible with inbuilt tools like scripts, email system, CRM system, etc., and managers should have easy access to all relevant metrics and call recordings.  Your technology should help you maximise the number of conversions and increase the overall ROI.

Morten Blomfeldt
Morten Blomfeldt
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