How Auto-dialers can Help Accelerate Performance and Retain Clients?

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February 7, 2018
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How Auto-dialers can Help Accelerate Performance and Retain Clients?

Modern Predictive Cloud Dialer

Performance is central to retaining clients. As everything from ticketing systems to call centres are now digitized, client expectations have risen through the roof.

The parameters used to determine the effectiveness of call centres have changed. The success of a sales campaign is measured not just by end results but by a number of productivity metrics, some even in real time.

In call centres, productivity now usually depends far more on technology and infrastructure than on the workforce itself. Less productive call centres are no longer competitive, even with a low cost and otherwise productive workforce.

Out of all the advances in technology, most experts agree that Predictive Dialer technology is the single most effective measure to accelerate individual and team productivity at call centres focusing on outbound campaigns.

Clients outsourcing outbound campaigns to call centres and external sales expect best-in-class productivity, full transparency, and reliable technology from their outsourcing partners. Outsourcers lagging behind in terms of technology will increasingly also lose good clients.

Manual Dialing wastes time

Call Centres and external sales organizations have been around for a long time.

Predictive Dialers

Back in the 1970s, call centre employees would get a list of numbers they’d call

manually or through a simple dialer. The latest generation call centre technolgies and dialer systems are simple to set up, can be run through the cloud, offer best in class tools even to small centres and require no up front investment.

Without the right tools, and when dialing manually, your employees will waste an incredible amount of time attempting to dial numbers which are not answered, or answered by answering machines. Only after a number of attempts and a lot of frustration will they be able to speak to an actual customer.

This non-productive time reduced significantly by auto-dialling systems which automatically detects and filters out calls with no answers, answering machines and disconnected numbers.

Most would agree that the time spent dialling manually and reaching numbers with no anser or being connected to answering machines would be far better spent if it could instead be used to speak to actual customers.

Predictive/Progressive Dialer: Peak Performance, High

Client Retention and the Core of Modern Call Centre Technology Platforms

Modern call centre technology platforms offer a number of benefits that will help you multiply performance, and hear are just a few examples:

Everything in one system

The systems usually offer a full end to end solution for all the campaign requirements. They come with a plethora of elements that smoothen the sales process, such as CRM/Database management, call recording, and omni-channel connectivity.

Increased productivity


Modern Predictive Cloud Dialer systems come with integrated scripts, call recording, email, interactive voice response (IVR) systems, etc. These built-in applications and tools help in maximising team productity by allowing your employees to focus on the activities that matter.

Moreover, managers and team leads can monitor individual agent performance in real time, and recommend suitable strategies to overcome issues.

Automated workflows

Every client focuses on return on investment to measure the success of their

campaign. Predictive and progressive dialer systems help increase the ROI by

facilitating automation of key workflows in call centres and sales organisations.

More Right Party Contacts (RPCs)/Hour

There are two ways through which the predictive dialer system proves to be a

better choice compared to manual dialling or automatic call distributors:

It dials the numbers significantly faster than any human, and only connects agents once the line has been answered by an actual customer.

Higher call volumes and more live calls per agent translates into increased productivity that lets the call centre reach more people with a smaller workforce.

Minimal Idle Time

Predictive Dialers don’t just call a lot of numbers simultaneously . They also use algorithms to determine how long an average conversation with the prospective clients takes, how many agents are available in the call centre etc.

This means that when the agent is on the call and is about to wrap up, the dialer already dials new numbers, reducing the wait time for the agent once available.

More Live Conversations

This is the ultimate benefit of course, and a well configured predictive dialer will immediately help enhance the rate of live conversations.

While older systems were designed to make as many dialing attempts as possible, a modern predictive dialer is designed to maximize the number of connected calls – the actual live conversations.


Thus, modern call centre technology platforms and Predictive Dialer solutions not only help agents maximize the number of live conversations,  but the built-in tools also remove the need for any additional email tool, CRM platform, call recording solution, appointment booking tools and a number of other tools you may be using today, putting everything in one place for the agent.

This will give you a very significant gain in overall productivity, more leads generated, and better retention with happy clients.

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Morten Blomfeldt
Morten Blomfeldt
Combining the power for traditional enterprise telephony systems with modern CRM solutions, BlueCloud delivers a incredible simple to use and versatile all-in-one cloud solution for call centres and sales teams of any size. No up front investment, no techies required to implement or manage the solution and technology cost is typically reduced by 50-70%.